Meet Promona Amin

Meet Promona

With over ten years of administrative experience in real estate, Promona Amin provides the Winchester|Steitle Group with both logistical and administrative support. Her precise and detailed attention assures that procedures and systems run smoothly. Her quick response to client requests and can-do attitude brings consistent, quality customer service. “Promona believes in the total customer experience and is the ultimate problem solver” say group owners Patti Winchester and Maureen Steitle. Working in close coordination with the entire group and always ready for fresh challenges, she brings betterment and positive synergy to this dynamic group.

Promona graduated from University of Minnesota with a degree in Biology. She has lived in the Dallas area since 2004. Promona loves sharing her passion as an environmentalist and is an avid gardener. She enjoys cooking and sharing her table with friends and family at weekly Sunday dinners.


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